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Attending this year's NAFSA conference in St. Louis? So is CIEE!

The following will be attending the conference and look forward to seeing you there! 

  • James P. Pellow, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • David Fougere, Chief Operating Officer
  • Spencer Jones, Vice President, Institutional Relations and Development

Study Abroad:

  • Amy Dwyer, Director, Institutional Relations
  • Michelle Howard, Senior Manager, Institutional Relations
  • Laura Sweet, Manager, Institutional Relations
  • Rachel Daroca, Manager, Institutional Relations
  • Tyler D’Andrea, Manager, Institutional Relations
  • Allison Campbell, Senior Coordinator of Events and Marketing, Institutional Relations
  • Adam Rubin, Senior Program Director
  • Catharine Scruggs, Senior Program Director
  • Emily Marczak, Manager of Academic Consortium Relations
  • Libby Lauze, Director, Enrollment Management
  • Kathy Martin, Director, Registrar and Director, Institutional Agreements
  • Max Savishinsky, Resident Director of Operations, Latin America
  • Elaine Acacio, Resident Director, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Custom and Faculty-Led:

  • Kellie Sullivan, Director, Custom and Faculty-Led
  • Erin Santana, Senior Coordinator, Custom and Faculty-Led
  • Emily Moser, Senior Coordinator, Custom and Faculty-Led

Teach Abroad:

  • Matt Redman, Director, Teach Abroad Programs


  • Jeff Thaxter, Manager, iNext  
  • Maggie Robinson, iNext